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MSP432P401M: MSP432 Dual image application

Part Number: MSP432P401M

Hi Champion,

My customer want to use MSP432P401R for dual image function for backup when update fail. They want to assign FLASH to two part save two same image , it will also run one image code. If they judge one image it not work well, they will switch other image code. So do you have any suggestion about how implement in MSP432?




  • Hello Joe,

    Probably the easiest way to accomplish this is to have 2 different linker files.

    Linker #1 from 0x000000 to 0x01FFFF
    Linker #2 from 0x020000 to 0x03FFFF

    But this means that your customer will have to build their code with each of the linkers. Is this an acceptable solution?? And they will need to manage/maintain two images.

    Also when you say "If they judge one image it not work well, they will switch other image code", could you please give us more information on how are they planning to do this??

    Also "Position-independent code" might be another way to accomplish this, do you know which compiler is your customer using??

    Best regards,

  • Joe,
    You can customize the linker command file in ccs to restrict the placement of code into certain spaces, for example one linker command would put code in the bottom half while another would put code in the top half. I will discuss with my colleague about providing a more detailed example. Please let me know if you have any more inputs or requirements in how variables are handled when transitioning from one image to another.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Dear All,

    On MSP430, we have an app and mentions this kind of dual image firmwar update.
    See 2.2.5 of
    "The Application Manager can also support Dual Image mode. In this mode, a valid application is always expected to reside in main memory even if an image download is interrupted or if a newly downloaded image is corrupt."

    Does MSP432 already has this kind of example code?

  • Hello Wayne,

    This can also be supported by the MSP432. This example does not exists at this time but it can be implemented. I'll contact you offline to understand when do you need it.

    Best regards,