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MSP430I2021: MSP430 package is getting wet.

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Part Number: MSP430I2021
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-TS430RHB32A,


MSP430 of the package is a problem that the wet has occurred.

The problem is what is next set.

The way in which the problem occurs is as follows.
1. Open the target board box.
2. Put the target board out of the bag.
3. Pick up the MSP430i2021 device from the tape.
4. Open the target board socket.
5. Set the MSP430 device in the socket.
6. Close the socket of the target board.
7. Wait a few minutes. (Within ten minutes)
8. Open the target board socket.
9. The MSP430 device sticks to the lid of the socket.

When the MSP430 is removed from the lid, the part in contact with the socket is wetted.
The place occurred in the office, the humidity was low.

The wet condition is where the socket and MSP430 package are in contact.

This problem occurred in the past, not only this set but also other MSP-TS430RHB32A occurred.

A question
· What is this liquid?
· What happens?
· How can I prevent it from occurring?


Expansion comparison.  left wet, right dry(A device not set in the socket.), 


  • Hi da,

    Thanks for posting and I can understand your concern! I looked into it and we have received information that a batch of these boards have some residue in them from the board manufacturing process. The recommendation is to use flux remover to clean the board (inside the socket in particular is the area of concern) - this should resolve the issue and actions are being taken to help prevent this on these types of socket boards in the future. Thanks for posting and I hope that this helps!


  • Thank you for your reply.

    Even if I wipe the liquid after the problem has occurred, liquid will come out on the interface between the socket and the device.
    I think that this liquid is a lot of residue in the manufacturing process, but is it insufficient for cleaning?

    This problem is confirmed in MSP-TS430RHB32A and MSP430i20xx.

    There is a manufacturing residue, what exactly is this liquid?


  • Hi Da,

    da said:
    There is a manufacturing residue, what exactly is this liquid?

    It is residual flux. This is why the recommendation is to use a flux cleaner to help remove the residue more effectively.



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