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MSP430F5529: Using the LCDDriver from the boostxl_edumkii_joystick_msp432p401r_MSP_EXP432P401R_nortos_ccs project in MSPWare on the MSP430F5529 with the Educational Booster Pack MkII

Part Number: MSP430F5529
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSPWARE, , MSP432P401R


Can anyone suggest how to take the LCD Driver from the boostxl_edumkii_joystick_msp432p401r_MSP_EXP432P401R_nortos_ccs project in MSPWare and port it to the MSP430F5529 to use with the CrystalFontz LCD on the educational booster pack?

I've been trying to do this for two days now and I can't get anything to display on screen.  I've changed all of the ports and pins from the MSPEXP432 to the MSP430.  I've changed the driverlib, spi, and grlib, graphics display, function calls from the MSPEXP432 to the MSP430.  I don't get any compile errors and it runs to completion when uploading but the LCD screen remains white when I am trying to write a string to the screen. 

I have the SMCLK set to 24MHz and the SPI clock to 16Mhz.  

Has anybody been successful using this LCD driver with the MSPEXP432P401R?  Has anybody been successful using this LCD driver with the MSP430F5529?  Any clue how I would go about troubleshooting this?  It looks like the data is being put in tx buffer of the SPI master but I don't know if the slave, the LCD controller, is reading the data from the buffer and doing anything with it.

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