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MSP430F2350: Has my device been damaged?

Part Number: MSP430F2350
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-FET,

Design is an MSP430F2350 running at 2.4 volts, MCLK is 1MHz with ceramic resonator at 4 MHz. Both frequencies are within spec. IDE is CCS Version 8.2 and TI furnished compiler with MSP-FET. Code is in C with occasional asm statements. This combination has worked but now does not. Unfortunately, the MSP-FET was providing signals at 3.3 volts with the micro at 2.4.


I have corrected the FET being at 3.3 volts and it is now at 2.4 volts. Code does execute some but quickly gets lost going to places it should not (in the C code). It does try to run if it is single stepped but eventually gets lost.


Now I am guessing – With the FET running at 3.3 volts and the micro power supply designed to provide 2.4 volts, the VCC is at about 2.5 volts and, of course the JTAG pins are at 3.3 volts. (Spec says any pin should not exceed VCC + 0.3V.) This has damaged the micros such that they will no longer run correctly. Does this seem reasonable or is my problem somewhere else?


It bothers me a little that the micro didn’t just die but became intermittent in operation -- thus, my question.


All help appreciated!!