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[FAQ] MSP-EM-DESIGN-CENTER: Why isn't my MSP430 part number listed?

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Hi there,

Are you using one of our MSP430 Energy Measurement devices such as the MSP430F6726A, MSP430F6749A or MSP430F6777A but can't find it listed in the MSP430 Controller properties window? Don't worry. With over 100+ supported device variants, the list of devices in the Energy Measurement Design Center (EMDC) was kept short.

Currently, the following devices are listed in EMDC.

  • MSP430F6736
  • MSP430F6736A
  • MSP430F6779

  • MSP430F67791
  • MSP430F67791A
  • MSP430F6779A
  • MSP430i2021
  • MSP430i2031
  • MSP430i2041

For your unlisted device, use the following guide to choose the correct device in EMDC. Please note that the i20x0 devices are not supported due to memory limitations.

  • F672x or F673x devices --> MSP430F6736
  • F672xA or F673xA devices --> MSP430F6736A
  • F674x, F676x or F677x devices --> MSP430F6779
  • F674x1, F676x1 or F677x1 devices (excludes F67621 and F67641) --> MSP430F67791
  • F674x1A, F676x1A or F677x1A devices (excludes F67621A and F67641A) --> MSP430F67791A
  • F674xA, F676xA or F677xA devices --> MSP430F6779A

After selecting the correct device, make sure your hardware connections don't exceed the number of ADC channels supported by your device. For example, let's assume MSP430F6736A has been selected in EMDC, but you're using MSP430F6726A for your design. This means there are only 2 ADC channels are available, not 3. Double-check your hardware connections before proceeding with your configuration.

After generating your code and importing the project into CCS or IAR, you'll need to change the part number to match your device under the project properties. Now, the code should compile and program your device successfully.

For more details about using EMDC, please refer to the Energy Measurement Technology Guide. If you have any questions, please click "Ask a new question".