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MSP432E401Y: static ip address and host name

Part Number: MSP432E401Y
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG


Iam able to configure it as a DHCP client and everything works correctly except when i set a static ip address the host name and domain name i supply to the sysconfig file cant be resolved to a ip address,i verify this by calling the ping command

ping myHostName
in a windows 10 console.I can
and the ping command receives replies from the ti device but when i
ping myHostName
it returns a error "Ping request could not find host myHostName. Please check the name and try again." i tried adding a Dns Server in the sysconfig file but it still wont resolve the name.Any input is appreciated

  • The DHCP server may append a "Primary DNS suffix" to the host name. You can find it by checking your computer's network settings. In Win10, it's in the Network and Internet settings, click the Properties of the network interface in use. On a Mac, it's in the Sharing Preferences under Computer Name.

    It will likely be something like ".local" so change your ping command to:

    $ ping myHostName.local

    and it should work.

  • I checked my dns suffix and the box is empty this would then imply i wouldnt need to change my ping command to ping myHostName.local?

  • Don't look at the adapter's Ethernet Properties -> Networking -> IP4 settings.

    Look at the Ethernet Status-> General tab, Details. At the top you should see a Property called "Connection-specific DNS suffix."

    This would be easier if Windows networking wasn't so stupid.

  • thanks for the quick reply i found the correct window you were talking about and it still shows my dns suffix is empty,on a side note i can modify the hosts file in win10 and add a entry as myHostName this resolves the address when i run the command ping myHostName i dont know if this helps in solving the problem or not.

  • Is the issue resolved? 

  • Hi @Hawken_Li no the issue still hasnt been resolved yet

  • Hi, 

    If you used a DHCP client, it works well. This means the DHCP server in your network works well. It can align the ip address and map it to hostname. If you want to add a static IP and remove the dynamic ip, you must make it happen at DHCP server part. For example, in OPENWRT, you can set static ip for a MAC device. And if you enabled the static ip for MSP432 device, you need add a hostname mapping in DHCP server otherwise it cannot map the hostname to ip addr. 

    Please find more from DHCP server part. 

  • I agree with here. Yes, there are good arguments in support of setting static addresses, but those are mainly in situations where there is no DHCP server.

    If a DHCP server is available, then it's simple enough to go into its configuration and reserve an IP address for a particular MAC address.