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Part Number: TM4C123GH6PM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DK-TM4C129X

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I was planning to work on the FREE RTOS in the TM4C123GH6PM . Can anyone provide me how to start the FREE RTOS with my kit and guide me to work the FREE RTOS in the TM4C123GH6PM. I found a folder in the example download but it not having the kit specification.I here attached the image of the folder.

  • Hi,

     There is a FreeRTOS example in TM4C TivaWare. The example is developed for the DK-TM4C129x development board but you can port it to other lower cost LaunchPad boards. The example can be found under <TivaWare_installation>/examples/boards/dk-tm4c129x/freertos_demo. I will also suggest that you go to for additional examples and documentation. Please be aware that there is also TI-RTOS support for TM4C123 which is free and many examples are available.  In CCS, please use Resource Explorer to download them. See below.

  • Charles - poster's (duplicated) images reveal (only) the long "dead/buried" LM3S MCUs.    Is it not strange that "those" would be included w/in a (reasonably) current download?     And - more troubling - no mention of TM4C devices appears!

    As "FreeRTOS" is not under the control of your firm - it is possible that such "updates" take (some) time - "yet five years +" seems more than adequate.

    In an allied fashion - my small group (always, first) checks w/the MCU vendor to insure receipt of the latest/greatest data & code examples.     (especially for our "vendor agnostic" (any vendor) IDE.)      The files of "external firms" (likely to include FreeRTOS) can never be as "up to date" as the firm creating & issuing such updates.      That said - for "five plus year old (dead/buried) MCUs" to be (still) listed - seems to highlight a MAJOR breakdown!

    I can "make the case" for the "non-vendor RTOS (FreeRTOS in this case) by noting that, "Current users of FreeRTOS - but NOT (yet) users of TM4C - would be "more accepting of migration to TM4C" - if they could continue their use of FreeRTOS - and not be forced into a new/unwanted learning curve...       (and one which may not (even) equal what they had been using!)     

    As my firm's clients "demand" that we choose "Best MCU for the job" - we find it "unreasonable & grossly unproductive" to be forced to employ (any) "single vendor locked" capability or crutch.     Instead - we seek "always & only" to employ methods which operate to the benefit of many MCUs (thus have a great likelihood of being "re-usable") - and thus "shelter our precious time/effort" from "single vendor only" (i.e. (pardon) "one-time, dead-end" offerings.

  • Hi cb1,
    I acknowledge your comments. I will do some investigation.
  • Thank you, Charles - your interest & accommodation always appreciated.

    Note that as we (often) contract w/"giants" - they (especially) seek such "re-usability, flexibility, and reduction in time/effort to "master" a (new) requirement! (especially so when the (past/current) "service" (FreeRTOS) meets "giant" objectives.)

    Such recognition seems not to have "well bubbled up" here...