DRV10987EVM: GUI does not launch script window - error occurs

Part Number: DRV10987EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV10983


I have problems when I want to launch a script window in the DRV10x GUI. 

I cannot open a new script window. When I press the button "launch script window" the GUI is waiting (or loading) some seconds. After that the following error message appears: 

"Notifier Timed Out Device GUI.lvlib:GUI Wait for GUI Response via Notifier.vi:5770002:\Device GUI.lvlib:Launch Macro Recording.vi\DRV10983.lvlib:Main.vi"

I always open the GUI with admin rights. All the other functions of the GUI (change of parameters, speed command) are working well. 

Do you know this problem and how to solve it?

Best regards