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Part Number: BQ3060-BQEVSW-SW
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ3060, ADVANCED-BQMTESTER


I have a customer that dealing with BQ Gas Gauge Evaluation Software (BQ3060 V0.14), he needs help with regards with this.

Please see below for his query. Thank you very much.

at the black Box, we need to copy the readings to the orange box

the refresh rate of the black box is so fast, sometimes the copied value is not correct

for example on cell 1, value is 3219, refresh rate is so fast and readings changes , the copied value is only 219 or any 3 digit only

we just need to access to slow down the refresh rate of the readings at the black box

we need access, that we can alter/change the refresh rate of the readings

we are still using your product for our BBU's Battery backup units still on mass production

Best Regards,

Ray Vincent

  • Hello Ray,

    The root of the problem is that the battery cell is not in a stable state. Let the battery rest for a few hours before you perform voltage calibration and the value will not change.

  • Hi Shirish,

    Good Day. Please see below the response of the customer for your suggestion.

    The battery is stable, no problem with the battery.

    The problem is the reading of the software, keep changing.

    We just need to lower the refresh rate of the voltage reading of the software.

    Please see attached video.

    You will notice the change of reading/display is fast.

    Can we adjust or change of reading by 1, 2, 3 secs, it depends on our needs?

    Also can you please refer us to software and hardware that we can consult regularly because we have more questions

    Best Regards,

    Ray Vincent

  • Hello Ray,

    I recommend that the customer measure the battery voltage with precision meters. If the battery voltage is stable at the time the software is showing the varying values, then there is a problem somewhere on the board. Changing the frequency of reading is not going to help. The calibration will end up being incorrect if the read values are all over the place.


  • Hi Shirish,

    Good Day. Please see below the response of our customer to your latest recommendation.

    Again there is no problem with the batteries.
    The changes in battery readings is only millivolts, that is no a problem to us. 
    The problem is the refresh rate of the BQ software reading. We just want to slow it down
    During mass production.
    ATE program copy the reading from the black box to the orange box
    The problem is When the program copy the  cell voltage reading , sometimes coincidentally that is the time the BQ software change or refresh the reading  this lead to wrong copying of cell voltage reading..
    Can you please help us on EV2300 interface?
    Best Regards,
    Ray Vincent
  • Hello Ray,

    Thanks for providing more details. The procedure being followed is different from TI's recommendation for mass production. We recommend using a stable power source for calibration(not real batteries). Currently there is no way to slow down the refresh rate as it was intended to be a reference only. The software has not been updated in a long time, reasons being that the EV2300 is obsolete and there are newer high performing gauges to replace the bq3060. For EV2300 help you can check the alternative MKST-3P-ALT-EV2300

    I suggest that you point the customer to ADVANCED-BQMTESTER  ( to understand the typical production process.