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UCC27524A: UCC27524 application quesiton

Part Number: UCC27524A
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC27321

Hi team,

we see in datasheet that when use the 2 output in parallel, it's recommend to add a resistor between OUTA and OUTB.

"Wherever possible, a safe practice would be to add an option in the design to have gate resistors in series with OUTA and OUTB." so for the series resistor, do we have a recommend value (for example: we want to hold the shoot-through current under what value? is the max current 0.3A as the continuous sink capability?)

could you help to confirm with this question?

  • Hi Dane,

    Good to hear from you again!


    Regarding the resistor value, I would recommend a 5 Ohm resistor for around a 12V VDD.  The resistor value may be a bit higher depending on application and how much drive current is needed.


    I hope this answers your question!  If so, please press the green button; otherwise, feel free to follow up.


    Aaron Grgurich

  • Hi Aaron,

    thanks for your quick respond,

    I think customer's question maybe that they want to know why we need 5Ohm here, is that because the current limit is 12V/5Ohm=2.4A? because in their former application, they use 4.7Ohm*2 and found there's a chance to broke the device. so they want to know what's the internal current limit for this shoot-through.

  • Hi Dane,

    The reasoning is to limit the current incase there is shoot-through with the driver.  If there is shoot-through, it should be very brief and not happen often.

    There is not an internal current limit, that is what the resistor(s) are for.  The datasheet does give "static" pull-up and pull-down resistance values (see below), but transistors have variable resistance as they turn on and off, and as V_ds changes.


    Rather than paralleling channels, would the customer be interested / flexible in using a single channel driver with 9A current drive?  The UCC27321 could be a great choice for that.


    Aaron Grgurich