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BQ25600: Questions on BQ25600 fault monitoring

Part Number: BQ25600


My customer is unfamiliar with BQ25600 and have the following questions :


  • For status registers REG08 ~ REG0A, since REG09 not support multi read, does user need to read these registers one by one?

  • Whats the suggestion for safety check? What action firmware should take to ensure battery safety in charging and discharging? for example what is the difference between CHRG_FAULT = 10 & THERM_STAT =1? Is there a recommended fault monitoring flow where customer can make reference to?

  • How does firmware can detect if charge IC in ship mode? How should firmware judge if keep in ship mode or exist ship mode?




  • Hi,

    1. Please single read REG09. REG09 keeps all the fault information from last read until the host issues a new read. In order to get the fault information at present, the host has to read REG09 for the second time. The only exception is NTC_FAULT which always reports the actual condition on the TS pin.

    2. Please refer to Table 16. REG09 Field Descriptions for the details. THERM_STAT refers to Thermal Protection ( Thermal Protection in Buck Mode). The host should monitor REG07, REG08, REG09, REG0A regularly.

    3. When REG07[5]=1, the device should be in ship mode. But REG07[5]=0 does not indicate the device is not in ship mode. There's no dedicated bit indicating ship mode.