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UCC2813-0: UCC2813DTR output overvoltage protection

Part Number: UCC2813-0
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC28911, TL431,

Hello everyone , 

we are designing a flyback coverter using UCC2813DTR ;  the customer asking for output overvoltage protection . 

could you suggest a way or trick to   do it please ? 

Thank you im advanced 

  • Hector,

    Your question is vague and needs more clarity to help determine the best solution. Here are some things you might want to consider:

    1. Primary-side or secondary-side control?
    2. If this is off-line could you consider to use a PSR flyback controller such as UCC18910, UCC28911? This would be an example of a primary side, off line controller that uses no opto/TL431 feedback.
    3. OVP should clamp to some max voltage and continue to operate or take some other protective action such as crowbar, shutdown, latch, non-latch, auto recover, etc

    In any case, a basic 8-pin general purpose PWM controller does not have this function integrated so this requires an external circuit that either clamps or crowbars the output during OVP or monitors for OVP and then pulls COMP LOW or CS HIGH in response, if non-latching, auto restart is desired. Many different types of OVP circuits are available on the web and many can be applied to a general purpose PWM like UCC2813-0. Thanks for connecting through E2E.


    Steve M

  • Thank you for  the reply; 

    sorry for the lack of information and thank you for explanation 

    we want detect any hig hvoltage on the output for example 40v and over ; this voltage can be due to the fail of external  device or teh fail of the converter its self ; so we need to shutdown the pwm controller ; I did not find any circuits of TI for this could you suggest one pleas ?

    Thank you 

  • Hector,

    I don't know enough about your system requirements to suggest an external circuit that will achieve OVP in the exact way expect but a simple crowbar circuit should accomplish what you are describing. Here's an example from an inquiry on E2E. There are many variations of the crowbar OVP circuit and you can search them on the web. There have also been many customer inquiries and response posted on E2E regarding this topic. From the E2E home page, go to the search and enter "crowbar" or "OVP" or "over voltage protection". Thanks for connecting through E2E.