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UCC27524A: Voltage rating

Part Number: UCC27524A
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Dear TI team,


I am contacting you as we are using a gate driver UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 from TI to drive SiC mosfets.


We sporadically have failures that look like a shoot-through of the half-bridge and we are investigating this issue.


The gate driver UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 is supplied by VDD to +15V and VSS -2V (17 V total). However, from the waveforms we are seeing values more in the range of 18-19 V.


From your datasheet I can read that the maximum supply of this chip is 20 V, recommended 18V. Can you think of this chip being damaged or overstressed by our voltage?


The failures occur usually after 2-3 hours of operation and not on all units, however, we are still into development phase, so not many units have been produced and tested so far.


Thank you very much,



  • Hello Egi,

    Thanks you for reaching out!


    Yes, there is a possibility of the part being over-stressed.  Operating above or near the maximum range of any spec can be a risk for reduced reliability.  This risk becomes more apparent when transients are taken into account.  Transients due to high power switching and other noise can often push voltage rails and GNDs around enough to further exceed specified maximums.  

    Shoot-through will likely send very large transients through the system, further putting the part at risk.

    Ensure that there is not too much overshoot / undershoot on the output of the gate driver.  And also make sure that there is not too much noise / transients on the VDD pin that could push the device beyond it's recommended specs.


    Depending on timing, please consider the following:

    The next generation of this part is currently available, the UCC27624.  The UCC27624 has a much wider VDD range and much more robust input and output stages!

    The UCC27624 is currently available in the D-Package and as an "industrial" part.  The DGN package and automotive versions should be released by the end of 2022.


    If I answered you questions, please press the green button.  Otherwise, please feel free to follow up!



  • Also, please make sure that the input signal is referenced to the -2V on VSS as well.

    This FAQ may be of help.