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Isolated DCDC converter/Module

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC12050, LM25180, TPS55010, UCC2805, LM5160A, TIDA-00349, TPS60402


I need an isolated power solution that can take 5Vin, 5 or 3.3Vout, and 10mA out.

Would Flyback be the best solution here because of the need for isolation? Could you recommend best solution/direct me to the best family of devices?



  • Adam

    Our first recommendation is UCC12050, which is an isolated DC/DC module that will meet all of your requirements.

    If you would like to design your own power stage then a flyback controlled by either LM25180 (integrated FET) or UCC2805 (external FET) is recommended.  Alternatively a fly-buck may work well here, with TPS55010 (integrated FET) or LM5160A (external FET) recommended.  More information on flybuck is available at


  • Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your response. Looking at your recommendation, I don't think it will work because the load is only 6mA and at that load the efficiency is only 15%. Is there anything similar that has more efficiency at light load?



  • Adam

    If UCC12050 does not meet your requirement then I recommend one of the controllers where you can build your own power stage. These devices can be used in a power supply that is optimized for your design requirements. 

    TIDA-00349 is a reference design that is very close to your requirements that I recommend reviewing to see if it meets your needs.  It has much higher efficiency in the range you are concerned about.  This design uses TPS60402.