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UCC27524: Inquire driving capability for 12 MOSFETs in parallel

Part Number: UCC27524

Hi Sir,

May I learn from you if UCC27524 can drive 12pcs BSC010N04LS for 3.3kW design?

Thank you for your kindly help.


  • Hello user,

    Thanks for your interest in our driver.

    BSC010N04LS looks like a 133nC gate charge FETs @ Vgs =10V. I presume you're driving 12 "BSC010N04LS" in parallel which will give a total gate charge of 12x133nC= 1596nC.

    Assuming your desired turn-on/off of the FETs dt = 500ns, you will require a driver capable of sourcing/sinking Ipk = dQ/dt = 1596nC / 500ns where Ipk = 3.192A.

    Each channel of the IC can source/sink peak currents up to 5A. For faster turn-on/off of the FETs, you can parallel the channels to double the drive current of the IC.

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