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TPS3705: TPS3705-33D

Part Number: TPS3705
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV62565, TIDA-010011,

Does R185, R186 between pin4 and pin5 have any function?

  • Vincent, if you question is about the reference design TIDA-010011 on the TPS3705 product folder, those resistors are used to set the output voltage. if my guess is incorrect please can you clarify your question. if my guess is right, then your question is related to the buck converter TLV62565 (and not TPS3705). More details about the TLV62565 can be seen in section 10 (application design examples) of that product datasheet. If you have any questions related to the TPS3705, you may post in your reply. If my question addressed what you wished to know, you may close this thread. Thank you.

  • Those resistors appear to be setting hysterisis wider than the 10mV native to the PFI pin. Depending on the state of PFO (Ground or VCC (3.3V?)) the resistor divider from VCC12V0 has different effective impedance so the value of VCC12V0 needed to trip the PFI threshold of 1.25V (typ) would be different. May I know if this is part of any TI design schematics? May I also know the application and purpose of this hysterisis - curious and interested to know since I see the term "dying gasp". Let us also know if my note above answers your question.

  • May I know if this is part of any TI design schematics?

    This is not TI design schematics.

    This schematic was designed by a colleague who has resigned.

    May I also know the application and purpose of this hysterisis

    I don't know too, so I post this question on here.

    I think the colleague consider the PFI and PFO as OPA.

  • You may want to contact your local TI support team. You may also check your system requirement on the threshold trip points of the 12V supply needed for the application. Then we can check if those resistor values are providing the right threshold on the power supply up vs power supply down. I am assuming those WDI/WDO lines to go to some microcontroller so I hope the trip point specifications should be in some system or microcontroller code requirements somewhere.

  • Vincent, It has been a while. Have you contacted the local team and reviewed the suggestions in the previous posts? If you are satisfied with the responses, can you please close the issue or let us know what else is needed? thanks