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TPS62801: Thermal Shutdown threshold

Part Number: TPS62801

Hi, TPS62801 support team.

I would like to know the relation between "Operating Junction Temperature of Absolute Maximum Rating and Thermal Shutdown Temperature.

When comparing the above data, Thermal Shutdown threshold is higher than Operating Junction Temperature of Absolute Maximum Rating.  

Generally, I think that Thermal Shutdown threshold must be less than Absolute Maximum Rating. Why doesn't TPS62801 take damage with this property?



  • Hello Tamio,

    The TSD function has variations, and setting it below the Tj absolute max rating may cause the device to shut down within the recommended operating condition (125 deg.C), so it set slightly above the Tj (absolute maximum rating). When the device triggers TSD protection during an abnormal event (ex. Tamb slowly rises to >150 deg.C), this will not result in device failure because the device can withstand it. However, in case of abrupt Tj rise (ex. accidental shorting of SW and GND pins of the IC), the device may damage because the TJ goes way above the 150 deg. C even before the TSD function is trigger due to delay.

    Anyway, it is required for the device to operate within the recommended operating temperature range (40 deg.C to 125 deg.C) all time to ensure product reliability.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Tamio,

    If you don't have further queries, I will close this thread.

    Thank you.

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