TLV700: TLV700 and TPS60400

Part Number: TLV700
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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to simulate a circuit in PSpice for TI, but I can't get results. I would like to know what I'm doing wrongly and if you can suggest some advice.

Here I'm attaching my scheme:

By the other hand, I would like to know some configuration for two components: TLV700 and TPS60400. I was wondering if there is any possibility to have and output of 3 or 3.3 volts from them (-3 or -3.3 volts for TPS60400) with and input of 3.3V or 5V. I think with an input of 3.3V they will give me 3.3V and -3.3V respectively (if I'm wrong, tell me), but I'm hesitating over wether 5V will give 3.3V and -3.3V. Also I would like to know what kind of capacitors I should use for filtering the input power for IC, either ceramic or tantalum ones.

I'm waiting for your indications and willing to learn about whatever you can explain me, I'm a novice in electronics. Thanks in advance.