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[FAQ] TDA4VM: Running Gateway Demo

Part Number: TDA4VM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSBIOS

How to run the gateway demo?

  • Hi,

    Hardware Requirements

    • J721E/J7200 EVM Board (SOM Board and Common Board), a GESI add-on card (for CAN and Ethernet ports) and QSGMII daughter card (for J7200 only)
    • 2x PCAN USB tool (Can run out-of-box demo if you don't have these)
    • 2x LAN Cables (preferably CAT6)
    • 2x Micro USB cable (for UART and JTAG)
    • Linux PC (recommended: Ubuntu 18.04) with minimum of 2x Gigabit ports and root access. If ports are not available natively, then USB-Ethernet adapters can be used.

    Software Requirement

    • J7200 / J721E RTOS SDK
    • PCAN Driver 8.9.3
    • Code Composer Studio (use version 9.3 or above)
      • There are additional installation instructions for CCS on linux systems provided on the download page. Please complete that before running any project.

    Build SDK

    • To build ethfw for TIRTOS, change the BUILD_APP_TIRTOS flag (line 27 in PSDK RTOS 8.0) in [SDK-INSTALL-PATH]/ethfw/ethfw_build_flags.mak to "yes" (without quotes). ethfw is built as a dependency in gateway demos anyway (next step), so we don't need to build it separately.
    • To build the gateway app and can traffic generator app binaries, run in [SDK-INSTALL-PATH]/gateway-demos the following commands
      • make -s can_eth_gateway_app BOARD=[j7200_evm/j721e_evm]
      • make -s can_traffic_generator_app BOARD=[j7200_evm/j721e_evm] CORE=mcu1_0
    • If you get a build error during linking, build the dependencies first before building apps by using
      • make -s depend_can_eth_gateway BOARD_SUPPORT=[j7200_evm/j721e_evm]
      • make -s depend_can_generator BOARD_SUPPORT=[j7200_evm/j721e_evm]
    • The binaries will be located in
      • [SDK-INSTALL-PATH]/ethfw/out/[SOC]/R5Ft/SYSBIOS/app_remoteswitchcfg_server_ccs.xer5f
      • [SDK-INSTALL-PATH]/gateway-demos/binary/can_eth_gateway_app_tirtos/bin/[SOC]/can_eth_gateway_app_tirtos_mcu2_1_release.xer5f
      • [SDK-INSTALL-PATH]/gateway-demos/binary/can_traffic_generator_app_tirtos/bin/[SOC]/can_traffic_generator_app_tirtos_mcu1_0_release.xer5f

    Build PCAN USB tools

    • Install a dependency libpopt-dev 
      • sudo apt-get install -y libpopt-dev
    • Extract the downloaded tar file to any location ad navigate to peak-linux-driver-8.9.3 directory. To build and install the package there, run
      • make all
      • sudo make install
      • sudo modprobe pcan
    • For automation, you need to apply the patch found in user-guide to pcanfdtst.c in peak-linux-driver-8.9.3/test/src. Copy the patch to a file, lets call it pcanfdtst.patch. To apply the patch, do the following
      • cd [peak-linux-driver-8.9.3-directory]test/src
      • patch pcanfdtst.c pcanfdtst.patch
      • cd ..
      • make all


    • Connect the PCAN USB tools to MCAN4 and MCAN9
      • for out-of-box demo, connect MCAN4 to MCAN0 and MCAN9 to MCAN1. No PCAN USB tools needed.
    • Connect two ethernet port on GESI daughter card (for J721E) or on QSGMII Daughter card (for J7200) to host pc.
    • Connect a micro USB to XDS110 connector to load the binaries
    • Connect a micro USB to UART for ethfw logs

    Please take a look at the video to see where things are on the board : 

    Please see user guide for more detailed instructions on setup.

    Setup CCS

    Loading Binaries

    Running Demo

    The FAQ is meant to be for running the regular gateway demo application. For Low latency demo or particulars of the demo, please see user guide.