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[FAQ] TDA4VM: GPIO+DMA Trigger in TDA4 and test in SDK7.1

Part Number: TDA4VM

How to use GPIO to capture gpio PWM input and trigger timer then using DMA to transfer the data.

  • 1.    first apply the patch in SDK7.1 vision_apps, and rebuild the vision_apps as below command.
        //    git am 0001-reproduce-the-DMA-issue-in-EVM-and-solved-it.-but.patch
        //    make -s -j8 sdk
        //    make -s -j8 vision_apps


    2.   need rebuild the sysfw.itb, because default one in SDK7.1 has firewall restrict and can't working, using tifs from SDK7.3 and rebuild the sysfw.itb in SDK7.1-Linux SDK can solve this issue.
        //    cp /home/wangli/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-07_03_00_07/pdk_jacinto_07_03_00_29/packages/ti/drv/sciclient/soc/sysfw/binaries/ti-fs-firmware-j721e-gp.bin /home/wangli/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7-evm-07_01_00_10/board-support/prebuilt-images
        then in /home/wangli/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7-evm-07_01_00_10:
        //    make sysfw-image
        you can find the update the sysfw.itb in "/home/wangli/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7-evm-07_01_00_10/board-support/k3-image-gen-2020.08b/sysfw.itb"
        //    cp /home/wangli/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7-evm-07_01_00_10/board-support/k3-image-gen-2020.08b/sysfw-j721e-evm.itb /media/wangli/BOOT/sysfw.itb
    3.    make a SD card based on default SDK7.1.
        //    make linux_fs_install_sd
        now we can run the single channel DMA demo. need more test and verify
    4.    the data can be download in CCS, the array name is "appChObj->destBuf" of "buf"