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PROCESSOR-SDK-AM64X: How do I add Linux kernel modules into processor SDK AM64x?


Dear TI Engineers,

I have a AM64x Starter Kit and I can configure it to work according to Wi-SUN wfantund user guide.

Now, I want to add an hardware cellular dialup modem board to my AM64x Starter Kit board.  From this modem's manual, it requires these type of Linux kernel modules:

Are these Linux kernel modules available in the processor SDK AM64x?

If they are not available in processor SDK AM64x, please suggest an official way to integrate these Linux kernel modules in TI processor SDK AM64x.

Yours faithfully.

  • And now, I also encounter a fatal error when I tried to set up the build environment as mentioned here:

    Prerequisites (One-time setup)

    $ git clone git:// tisdk
    $ cd tisdk
    $ ./ -f configs/processor-sdk/processor-sdk-

    cloning repo meta-qt5
    Cloning into '/home/timmy/tisdk/sources/meta-qt5'...
    fatal: remote error: 
      The unauthenticated git protocol on port 9418 is no longer supported.
    Please see for more information.
    git failed... remaining attempts: 4

    Please help me to correct it as well.

  • Hi Tim,

    If you clone and build arago project only because you want to add the required kernel modules, you don't need to rebuild the arago project (unless you really want to...). The arago project mainly is build the root filesystem, including kernel of cause. If all your needs are to rebuild kernel to add the modem support, you can just work on the kernel source code, which is much simpler and faster.

    The kernel source code is in the board-support/linux-<version>/ folder in the Processor SDK installation folder.

    The cdc_ether, cdc_ncm, and rndis_host should be already enabled and compiled in the AM64x Processor SDK, but I am not familiar with the first two modules you listed. Please work with the modem vendor to understand if the modules are already in the mainline v5.10 kernel.

  • Hello Bin,

    Good news.  I can start sourcing my modem to work with AM64x kit.

    One the other hand, would you also debug the git problem?  I want to check out other supported hardware modules included in

    menuconfig TUI.

    It may help me to add some extra features.

  • Hi Tim,

    Glad to hear you got the modem up and running!

    I am routing your arago query to our Yocto expert for comments.

  • Tim,

    please use the new repository to clone the oe-layersetup repository now located at (rather than, please see here for details: )

    In there you'll find there the config file for our latest SDK v08.02.00.14 which has updated download paths for the different repositories that favor https transport over git transport which has been deprecated on some servers. I'd recommend moving to the latest 08.02 SDK instead of trying to manually fix the download URLs in the config file associated with SDK v08.01 (which can certainly be done but then likely you'll run into additional fetch issues during the actual Yocto build, which also will need to be fixed manually).

    Regards, Andreas

  • Yes, cloning is completely successfully.  Thank you!