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[FAQ] TDA4VL-Q1: Run vision_apps in SBL boot flow with combined_appImage

Part Number: TDA4VL-Q1

What are the steps involved in running vision_apps in SBL boot flow with combined_appImage?

  • Hi,

    On SDK 8.6, please follow the below steps to run vision_apps in SBL boot flow with combined_appImage.

    Linux Changes

    Step 1: Since the only device tree being referred here is k3-j721s2-common-proc-board.dtb we would have to integrate the vision_apps device tree changes into this device tree as shown in the below patch.


    Step 2 : Once the changes from the above patch are integrated, build the device tree using "make linux-dtbs" from ${PSDKLA} path.

    Step 3: This would generate k3-j721s2-common-proc-board.dtb needed for the combined_appimage.

    RTOS Changes

    Step 1: Take a fresh SDK 8.6 and go to ${PSDKRA}/pdk_j721s2_08_06_00_31/packages/ti/boot/sbl/tools/combined_appimage/

    Step 2: Refer the below file and update the paths accordingly.


    Step 3: Build the combined_appImage as shown below

    cd $PSDK_RTOS_PATH/pdk_jacinto_08_06_00_31/packages/ti/boot/sbl/tools/combined_appimage
    make clean
    make BOARD=j721s2_evm HLOS_BOOT=optimized

    Step 4: You will have the binary generated under:


    Step 5: Build R5 SBL for MMCSD boot mode as shown below

    cd $PSDK_RTOS_PATH/pdk_jacinto_08_06_00_31/packages/ti/build
    make sbl_lib_mmcsd_hlos_clean BOARD=j721s2_evm
    make sbl_mmcsd_img_hlos_clean BOARD=j721s2_evm
    make sbl_lib_mmcsd_hlos BOARD=j721s2_evm
    make sbl_mmcsd_img_hlos BOARD=j721s2_evm

    Step 6: By default, the IPC_echo_test is being pointed as the firmware for mcu1_0. You could use the same or point to your firmware running on mcu1_0.

    If using the IPC_echo_test, build the app as shown below

    cd $PSDK_RTOS_PATH/pdk_jacinto_08_06_00_31/packages/ti/build
    make ipc_echo_testb_freertos BOARD=j721s2_evm CORE=mcu1_0

    Step 7: Copy the following files into the BOOT partition of the SD Card (Please make sure that the SD card is prepared to run vision_apps Vision_Apps_setup)

    cd $PSDK_RTOS_PATH/pdk_jacinto_08_06_00_31/packages/ti/build
    sudo cp ../boot/sbl/binary/j721s2_evm/mmcsd/bin/sbl_mmcsd_img_hlos_mcu1_0_release.tiimage /media/nikhil/BOOT/tiboot3.bin 
    sudo cp ../drv/sciclient/soc/V4/tifs.bin /media/nikhil/BOOT/tifs.bin 
    sudo cp ../boot/sbl/tools/combined_appimage/bin/j721s2_evm/combined.appimage /media/nikhil/BOOT/app

    Please note that the naming conventions are important here as this is SD boot mode. Hence, the 3 image names to be copied should be tiboot3.bin, tifs.bin and app.

    Step 8: Once this is copied, boot the evm and login as root. Then you could run the vision_apps demos.