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FLASHTOOL: Programming four images(DSP UBL, DSP App, ARM UBL and ARM App) using sfh_OMAP-L137.exe

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Currently we are using sfh_OMAP-L137.exe utility with following options

sfh_OMAP-L137.exe -p %1 -flash_dsp OMAPL137_DSP_app.bin  arm_ubl_spi.bin OMAPL137_ARM_app.bin

We are planning to introduce DSP UBL and load all four images using sfh_OMAP-L137.exe.

Is there any provision to do this so that I can load, DSP UBL, DSP App, ARM UBL and ARM App?

Please suggest if we change the SFH utility to do this.

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  • We're looking into this.

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  • Thanks Yordan. I will wait for your response

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  • Girish,

    Current tool set on OMAPL137 doesn`t support this kind of usecase but there are some tools that we provide on other devices that you can refer for this implementation.

    first combining DSP UBL and ARM UBL can be done using AISGen tools. In the AIS Gen tools if you provide the DSP UBL.out; ARMUBL.out then the tool combines the images and provides and AIS image. When the ROM loads the resulting ais file it will load both the out files and will pass control to the DSP UBL as you specified that file first. You can checkout this technique as discusssed in the section,

    For the application images, you can refer to the secondary bootloader code we provide here. In this we convert the application images for ARM9 and C674x into a intermediate format called out2rprc and then combine the images using a multicoreImage create tool with a core ID assigned to each cores. This will requires edits to your UBL code as you need a way to be able to load the out2 rprc files and pass control to the application.

    Once you have this you can flash the combined UBL at offset 0x0000 and the combined app to an offset same as you are currently doing with the SFH tool.

  • Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the reply. I got inputs based on your reply and also confirmed that AISGEN tool can combine 2 .out files.
    Based on this our approach will be as follows.
    Since we are planning to have dual boot option(alternate DSP and ARM app images in serial flash)
    What we are planning to do is
    1. Combine DSP UBL and DSP Application to a single binary file(Using AISGen Tools).
    2. Have ARM UBL as a separate binary
    3. ARM application image as another separate binary.

    The loading sequence is as follows
    1. Power on
    2. DSP starts and DSP ROM boot loader copies DSP UBL and DSP App(single binary file) from Serial Flash to L2RAM and runs
    3. DSP UBL needs to do some check to confirm continue the execution of this DSP app or DSP app 2( stored at other location in serial flash)
    4. DSP UBL loads and runs the appropriate DSP app image
    5. DSP App image runs and loads the ARM UBL from SPI flash to RAM and continues execution
    6. ARM UBL runs and do some check to confirm continue and loading of appropriate ARM app images
    7. Both DSP and ARM application runs

    The question I have is how to exactly control and know to starting location of DSP UBL and DSP application in Serial Flash since both are loaded as a single binary file.
    Is it that I have to define the starting offset of DSP app by allocating known size to DSP UBL?

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  • Girish,

    I don`t necessarily understand the question. If you are combining DSP UBL and DSP App into a single binary then both of them will be loaded into memory by the ROM bootloader, isn`t it ? The combined binary can be loaded at 0x0000 which is the address at which the ROM looks for the AIS image. with serial flash and load utility, you can specify -noubl option and then load the DSPL UBL+ DSP app image at the base address.

    Offline, you can load the entry point of the DSP app from the map file so that the DSP UBL knows where to pass control to start the DSP application. Please make sure that the DSP UBL, DSP app, ARM UBL and ARM app have no overlapping memory regions else this boot mechanism will fail.

  • Yes. combining DSP UBL and DSP App into a single binary then both of them will be loaded into memory by the ROM bootloader,
  • Hi Rahul,

    Please note that we may not be able to use the "-noubl option and to load the DSPL UBL+ DSP app image at the base address 0x0000"

    We should be using the below option to support the existing programming methods

    #sfh_OMAP-L137.exe  -flash_dsp  <DSP UBL + App AIS file>  <ARM UBL binary file>  <binary application file>

    Please confirm if this acceptable

    Thanks and Regards