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[FAQ] How to flash OSPI using CCS on TDA4x/DRA82 EVM?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRA829, UNIFLASH

This article explains how to flash OSPI flash on TDA4x/DRA829 EVM just by using CCS and JTAG interface.

  • Apply attached patch on PDK, which is available as part of PSDKRA. This patch adds an utility, which can be used to flash OSPI using CCS & JTAG interface.

    Follow below steps to build this utility and use it to flash OSPI

    1. Change flag USE_CCS to yes in pdk/packages/ti/board/utils/uniflash/target/build/ file.
    2, Rebuild flash programmer by using 'make -sj PLATFORM=j721e_evm board_utils_uart_flash_programmer' from pdk/packages/ti/build folder
    3, Flash Writer binary would be available in pdk/packages/ti/board/utils/uniflash/target/bin/j721e_evm/uart_j721e_evm_flash_programmer_release.xer5f
    4, Launch CCS and target configuration
    5, Run 'loadJsFile "pdk\packages\ti\drv\sciclient\tools\ccsLoadDmsc\j721e\launch.js"' from CCS scripting console.
    6, Once Java script is completed, load flash writter code in MCU_Cortex_R5_0 core and Run it.
    7, Application runs and displays 3 menu options on the CCS console, Erase OSPI flash, Flashing file in OSPI and exit
    8, For erasing flash, select the start address and size to be erased.
    9, For flashing a file, enter the file name with the full path, then enter offset where file is to be flashed, then load the file using CCS scripting console (command to load is printed on CCS console). Once file is loaded from scripting console, enter '0' on CCS console.
    10, Press '2' on main menu to exit, after all files are flashed.

    ON SDK 7.0


    ON SDK7.3