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AM5718-HIREL: Pad Configuration Register of I2C1

Part Number: AM5718-HIREL

Hi, everyone

I have a question about "CTRL_CORE_PAD_I2C1_SDA" resister of AM5718-HIREL.

In Table 4-3 of the datasheet(SPRS999), "CTRL_CORE_PAD_I2C1_SDA" resister has two modes, "i2C1_sda" and "Driver off".

However, in Table 18-1508 of TRM(SPRUHZ7I), "CTRL_CORE_PAD_I2C1_SDA" does not have Mux mode.

What register should I use to select the Mux mode("i2C1_sda" ,"Driver off")?

Table 4-3 of the datasheet(SPRS999)

Table 18-1508 of TRM(SPRUHZ7I)

  • This is a documentation mistake.  I have confirmed that the register you are referring to is read-only.  There is no way to put it in the "driver off" state.  Column 15 in Table 4-3 of the data manual should be blank.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I have additional questions about register of I2C1.

    In Table 4-3 of the data sheet (SPRS999), the "CTRL_CORE_PAD_I2C1_SCL" register also has two modes, "i2C1_scl" and "driver off".
    Is this also a mistake?

    Also, are the "drive off" in Table 4-2 mistake?

    Table 18-1510 of TRM(SPRUHZ7I)

    Table 4-2 of the datasheet(SPRS999)

  • Any update on this?