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TMS320C6413: Thermal information in order to perform Thermal simulation

Part Number: TMS320C6413


Could you please provide the below information:
           Operating junction temperature + Theta_JC_bot for TMS320C6413ZTS500

The data provided in "section 8.1 Thermal Data" of the datasheet are not enough to perform accurate simulation.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Anthony

    Looking at the datasheet for c6413 , I think it is consistent with the information that we typically provide even for our more recent devices. 

    I don't see a Theta_JC_bot , even though I see references of it on

    I wonder if it is just theta_jc_board (which is provided for c6413).

    I will check with thermal experts, but given this is an older device, I am not sure if there is any additional internal archive/data.

  • Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Even SPRA953C refers to Theta_JC_bot and Theta_JC_top.
    It would make sense to clarify if theta_jc_board is just an another name for Theta_JC_bot.

    Thanks in avdance,


  • Thanks Anthony 

    As you noted

    The app note that describes the thermal parameters is here. It does mention that theta jc bottom may apply to only certain packages

    Talking to my colleague, I think the below comments from him make sense to me

    It is likely that thermal to bottom doesn’t apply for most of our parts since the bottom of the part does not make contact with the PCB. The thermal path for our parts is through the pins which is represented by the thermal to board component (see section 4 of the attached) and through the top. Thermal to bottom probably made sense for parts that were in soic or tqfp type packages.


  • Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for the comment.

    What about the Operating junction temperature (ie "Recommended Continuous Operating Junction Temperature" from page 12 of SPRA953C)?

    Thanks in advance,


  • A

    Did not understand your question there... if it is about calculating T junction, it would be based on the thermal coefficients provided in the datasheet, and knowing power/ case/ambient temp etc for a customer scenario.

    Some of that described in our processors thermal application note



  • Hi Mukul,

    I refer to the "Recommended Operating Temperature" from page 12 of SPRA953C :

    Recommended Operating Temperature —The junction temperature at which the device operates
    continuously at the designated performance over the designed lifetime. The reliability of the device
    may be degraded if the device operates above this temperature. Some devices will not function
    electrically above this temperature. Another wording sometimes used is Recommended Continuous
    Operating Junction Temperature.

    Apparently we document the Operating case temperature (page 93 of SPRS247F).

    But what is the "Recommended Operating Temperature" that we recommend?
    This is suppose to help in the simulation to ensure that this temperature is not exceeded.



  • Hi Anthony

    There is no junction temp spec in C6413 datasheet, so customer needs to try to adhere to the recommended case temp spec limits as specified in the datasheet. 

    Additionally for these older device we do not seem to have the thermal simulation models so customer is limited to using a 2R model created from the Theta-JC and Theta-JB values provided in the datasheet.  This will be less accurate but will give them a general understanding of the device heating.

    I don't have any additional information beyond what is the datasheet and product folder, so I am hoping your customer is able to make progress using this guidance.