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TMUX1511: I2C compatibility and product selection tools

Part Number: TMUX1511

The product selection tools for switches and multiplexers allow selection of parts that meet various criteria, including compatibility with I2C, Fail-safe logic and powered off protection. When all 3 are selected, no components are listed. Yet the TMUC1511 is compatible with Fail-safe logic and powered off protection. 

Further, a TI expert on these forums stated that the TMUX1511 is compatible with any signal, so long as the I/O voltage is within recommended operating conditions. The question was specifically about I2C and the answer recommended the TMUX1511 as an I2C solution.

The TMUX1511 data sheet claims compatibility with SPI isolation and JTAG isolation. 

Why, if the TMUX1511 is indeed compatible with I2C, is it not found with the selection tool? And why isn't I2C compatibility not listed a an application of the component? 


  • The "Supports I2C" feature lists only two-channel devices. The TMUX1511 has four channels, so it would be too large in the common case of a single I²C bus. (SPI and JTAG typically have four signals.)

  • Thanks for the answer but this makes the selector tools less useful--at least to me. There are so many variables to consider in choosing parts and I want to use the tool to narrow down my options. It could well be worth it to me to use the 4 channel device even though only 2 are needed. I might have other uses for the remaining  channels as well. But I would have completely missed that this part could work with I2C. Only because I was interested in other parameters did I notice it was compatible. 

    As a comparison, We often use a hex pack of logic inverters or buffers even though only 1 or 2 of the gates are actually used. Seems a shame to pre-disqualify a part for consideration just because it has extra channels.


  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The device search tool provides the best possible fit based on the requirements - If it's an application using I2C, usually a 2 channel device is preferred and for JTAG or SPI, a 4 channel switch is most commonly used to support these applications. The "Features"  filter you are referring to is based on the key applications these switches support (highlighted in the Applications section - first page of the datasheet).

    Having said that, most of our signal switches can support all these protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, JTAG etc.) if the signal voltage and bandwidth is within the recommended operating conditions.

    You can then filter on the specific "Features" or sort on specific parameter to help narrow down the options.