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TI Resource Explorer Not finding files

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I was trying to pull up some example code for an MSP430F5438A on the TI Resource Explorer and it was unable to locate the files.  It happends for several of the MSP430F5xxx but some pull up just fine.  I just installed the latest CCS on 8/1/12 (Version:  Another TIer was able to pull up the same files using version 5.1 



I didn't see any similar post on E2E but I could have missed them.




  • Hi John,

    did you update to move to 5.2?  Did you install over 5.1?  What happens on a fresh installation of 5.2?

    Best Regards,

  • Hey Lisa,

    I have a brand new laptop and just installed 5.2 clean. 

    I asked around and my problem was that I didn't have MSP430ware installed.  I seemed to have some frame work, as seen in the screen shot but I did not have the C:\TI\msp430 folder where the files should be stored locally.  I installed the MSP430ware standalone from and it works fine now.


    JD Crutchfield

  • JD,

    Thanks for reporting this. As we discussed offline, I see the same error and it is coming from the MSP430ware package itself.

    The error message tells that it can't find the ASM data file Assembly (CCS)/<!msp430f541x_asm_code_examples.js>, which is true if you browse to the MSP430ware Code Examples directory specified in the message:

    C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\msp430\msp430ware_1_20_00_16\examples\devices\5xx_6xx\MSP430F541x, MSP430F543x Code Examples

    Thus it seems the MSP430ware downloaded externally has this bug fixed.

    Thanks again,


  • JD,

    John Crutchfield said:

    I did not have the C:\TI\msp430 folder where the files should be stored locally.

    Just for reporting, the MSP430ware installed with CCSv5.2.1 is located under C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\msp430