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CCS/TIDA-01580: How to load the project on another MCU LaunchPad

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Part Number: TIDA-01580

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Hi Sir,

  I have try to load the project of .TIDA-01580_firmware_rx and TIDA-01580_firmware_tx to LAUNCHXL_CC2652RB,But the  LaunchPad can not work.I have change the targetConfigs,CC2640R2F.ccxml,to CC2652.ccxml,and the project can be load successfully to the LaunchPad. 

I hope you can give me some adivce.


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    The CC2640R2F and CC2552RB does not feature the same BLE stacks (in terms of software) and the CC2652RB also requires additional steps as part of the BAW calibration. You would not be able to load a project compiled for CC2640R2F to the device and get it to run, you would need to port the software to the CC2652RB first.

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