TIDA-00421: Various questions related to connecting the sensor to a DAQ and to thermomechanical modelling of the circuit

Part Number: TIDA-00421
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DS90UB913A-Q1

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to simulate thermo-mechanical effects on ADAS sensors and validate our models with tests on the physical components. For that purpose, we pre-selected a camera (TIDA-00421) from your reference designs.

However, we have several questions related to it.

  • Our recording system can receive FPD-Link III data from the camera.
    • Are there additional related components/designs needed in the measurement chain?
    • Which component would you recommend to replace the serializer DS90UB913A-Q1 which is marked as not available in the TIDA-00421 design?
  • All kind of data or training material that you can share with us on the design are also welcome to refine our thermo-mechanical models, for instance:
    • global mechanical characteristics of the component (approximate Young modulus of the chip and of the legs)
    • thermal properties of the main constitutive material for a 3D model of the PCB.

Thank you for your answer and for your help.

Yves Mollet