Missing Cadence library models in PSpice for TI

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Hello all,

I'm trying simulate a few simple logic circuits using TI parts in PSpice for TI. One of the parts is an SN74LS193 counter. Its model is not availabe from the TI website and I cannot find it using the PSpice Part Serach in the program. However, on the PSpice website in the Cadence model library (www.pspice.com/models/cadence) the 74ls193 is listed as an availabe model provided with the Cadence library. So I guess my question is, where can I find that model in PSpice for TI? Or is that library unavailable in PSpice for TI?

Thank you


  • Hi Dawid,

    That part number is listed there because there exists a model for this device in TINA-TI. The TINA-TI models are ideal models that only model the functionality and not the specs. I have looped in the modeling experts at TI who may be able to help us extract the SPICE model of these devices from TINA-TI.



  • Hi Karan,

    I am not sure where this model is in TINA-TI, nor did I find it in the product folder. I think what Dawid needs is a PSpice model added to PSpice for TI.


  • Hi Karan and JC,

    That's exactly what I'm thinking. I would of added the model myself but there is no way to obtain it without installing the basic PSpice. Out of curiosity, as I can't seem to find a straight answer online, how are PSpice and PSpice for TI different (besides TI version having access to TI models and sharing tools)? Or are there differnces that would cause PSpice models to not work with PSpice for TI?

    Thank you,


  • Dawid,

    JC can correct me if I am wrong but PSPICE for TI is a free software that is offered in partnership with TI vs the full version of PSPICE is a paid software. The PSPICE for TI has some limitations such that you can only simulate 4 nodes of any external components that are not TI parts.