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Part Number: TIDA-080008
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, , DLP9000

Hi Team

This is a continuation of this Thread

The customer is planning on using TIDA-080008 to replace a RAPCUR era LED projector in order to use new generation LEDs. The projector uses the DLP9000 chipset with the DLPC900 control unit to control the LEDs - which per the user guide for your reference evaluation module uses 3.3V Enable and PMW signals to control the RAPCUR LED driver board in this instance. The customer wanted to make sure that the signals from the DLPC900 would indeed be able to control the TIDA-080008. Can you help confirm this?

I know that the RAPCUR module was an OSRAM product and not TIs, but since it was so commonly used in DLP LED projectors for years, I am hoping that the team has some experience with this and knows the pinouts for the LED driver control connectors on it.

I hope you can help.



  • Hi Marvin,

    We are glad to hear that the design is in progress and that TI's products are being considered for this project.

    The LED driver design was originally intended for Display applications like consumer projectors. The DLP9000 + 2x DLPC900As was designed for industrial applications like machine vision and 3-D printing, but can certainly support human eye display applications. At this time, we have not looked at combining both of the designs.

    The intent of our user guides and design files is to show all of the capability of the designs. If there are gaps for your intended application, this will take some more time to review. If you feel a conference call might be easier to go over the design options, we can help arrange that. 



  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the help. 

    According to him, the DLP9000 chipset was used in the projectiondesign/Barco F35 series of projectors and specifically would like to upgrade the FS35 projector.

    By the way, I invited the customer to join the thread.



  • Hi guys - as Marvin stated, the DLP9000 chipset was used in the projectiondesign (now owned by Barco) F35 series of projectors. I am trying to upgrade the LED driver board from a RAPCUR, which is designed for 30A parallel LED driving (with low opening voltages in the 2-6V range), to the TIDA-080008, which will support the newer serial OSRAM LEDs (for instance: the Osram LE P3AQ which have 6-12A currents at 17-21V or so.

    I am specifically looking at installing a TIDA-080008 in the FS35 projector.

    I believe from your technical documents that the dual chip DLPC900 supplies 3.3V enable and PMW signals to the RAPCUR board in the projector - at least per your reference design documentation - page 20:

    I think these PMW and enable signals could be used on the TIDA-080008 as well from what I am understanding, but wanted to try and confirm..

    Also, at the same time, I was really hoping that maybe someone at TI would have some technical details regarding the RAPCUR driver (since it was used with your DLP chipsets for many years in several product lines from projectiondesign, Barco, Sim2, optoma, etc), as I am completely unable to find any. Specifically, if anyone knows the pinout of the connector relaying the enable and PMW signals to it from the DLPC9000 chipset... I can try and figure it otherwise..

    The connector in question is on the far left here:

    Thanks very much everyone,


  • Hello Victor,

    The Dual DLPC900 EVM guide [DLPU102A] confirms that the LED enables and PWM signals are in fact 3.3V on page 14.

    However, I cannot verify that the overall protocol to the RAPCUR driver would be the same as TIDA-080008.

    Do you have the unit apart?  If so can you verify with a picture that it is indeed DLPC900s and not 442x ASICs?


  • TI cannot provide any information on Barco's design or internal product details; that is not TI's information to share.

    I can say that the Barco FS35 did use a 0.9" WQXGA DMD (publicly available information).  I am fairly certain it does not use the DLPC900/910 controllers required by the DLP9000/x; it should have display controllers that pre-date the DLC900.  

    Regarding the OSRAM RAPCUR LED drivers.  The RAPCUR drivers are SPI controlled.  The TIDA-080008 is a PWM-controlled driver design and would not be compatible in an existing system that uses a SPI controlled driver.

    One should keep in mind that these types of projectors generally have DMD control sequences that are highly specific to the LEDs and LED driver performance (brightness, enable/disable delays, rise/fall times, etc.).  It may be possible to replace an LED driver with a compatible driver (with the same interface type) and have the projector function.  However, unless the replacement driver and LEDs have identical performance, it will likely result in artifacts in the displayed image.

  • Darn, okay thank you very much for that information - I had anticipated that since the TI documentation listed the DLPC900 as the paired controlled for the DLP9000 WQXGA chipset that the FS35 would use that. Given the DLPC900 uses PWM I had anticipated that this would be what the RAPCUR uses as well - however since not, then this will not be a viable replacement. Also, thank you very much for the information regarding the DMD control sequences as well and how tailored they are to the specific application. I would've anticipated some more margin of error but it sounds like it is thin. Very much appreciate the thorough response.