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Simulation with TI at different temperature

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How to simulate the model with TINA at different temperature?  When setting the different temperature  from Analysis-Temperature of environment, or from DC-temperature Analysis, the simulation results of the DC output has no change . It is always 1.66V. Please help to give me some advice. 

The reference model is 


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  • Hey Kailyn,

    The op amp models will have the same parameters across temperature. The models for our devices are Typical spec, 25C models. In the model, it tells you a complete list of all the parameters that are modeled. None of the parameters that are modeled are specified as modeled over temperature.

    The model is not meant to completely substitute testing. but you can get a good approximation of the op amp behavior over temperature.

    To get some of the parameters over temperature, the electrical characteristic table will have some measured specifications across temperature.

    If you are concerned about a certain specification changing over temperature, please ask and we can provide insight into this!


  • Hi Jerry

    If we want to simulate the impact of operational amplifiers on circuit output under high or low temperature conditions, what methods are there?

    Can we simulate the impact of operational amplifiers on circuits under high and low temperature conditions by modifying the parameters in TLV9002. lib? Modify I_ O. V_ OS, these parameters, and so on

  • Hey Star,

    We do not have models that simulate the temperature effects. You can manually modify the Vos and Iq of the device, but those are the only blocks that have a simple behavior to model that you can easily find in the netlist. What performance changes over temperature are you most concerned about? If you give me those parameters we can help solve mathematically.

    The other parameters that change over temperature in the real device have dependencies in the model that can change the behavior of the device.


  • As shown in schematic diagram TLV9002_ MEMS_ 20230918A TSC, we would like to know how much Vout will increase or decrease compared to 25 ℃ under ambient temperatures of -40 ℃ and 125 ℃ for operational amplifiers?

    I'm trying to modify I_ O. V_ OS of TLV9002 Lib for simulation, but there is no change of Vout. Do we need to modify any other parameters?3582.TLV9002_MEMS_20230918A.TSC

  • Hi Star, 

    Could you clarify which parameters are most important that you are trying to analyze and why you are needing to model it over temperature? Our TI datasheet shows typical curves that help to demonstrate the behavior over temperature, so while this behavior is not simulated in our models, you can use these curves as a reference. 

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    Best Regards,