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SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK: IAR TI-RTOS plugin failing with SDK 6.30

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My customer uses CC2642 and recently moved from SDK v6.10 with IAR v8.50.5 to SDK v6.30 with IAR v8.50.9. Now the TI-RTOS plugin doesn't work anymore in IAR. They got the following error message:

For SDK 6.10, they had added the XDS path(C:\ti\xdctools_3_62_01_15_core\bin and C:\ti\xdctools_3_62_01_15_core\jre\bin) into the System PATH variable to make the TI-RTOS plugin work.

Now, if they add another XDS path (C:\ti\xdctools_3_62_01_15_core\jre32\bin) into the system PATH, then I got the following error message:

So they cannot use EWARM-8.50.9. However, they do see that the TI-RTOS plugin given in IAR 8.50.4 is the latest version that is supported: plugin version 5.0.0. And the SDK documentation still refers to using ROV in IAR with ti-rtos but not ti-rtos7 as shown below:

Could you please advise?

Best regards,

  • Hi Francois,

    Please have the customer evaluate with IAR v9.2x.xx (this is an error in the SDK Release Notes), please be aware that ROV will no longer be supported for IAR 9.30 and above. Also be aware that only TI-RTOS7 resources are now supported: 


  • Hello Ryan,

    I've downloaded an EWARM 9.20.4, and I can't find the TI-RTOS under arm/plugins/rtos folder. And as consequence, I can't find any case for TI-TROS to be choosen in the project option. 

    Could you please share how you are able to use TI-RTOS plugin with an EWARM 9.2x.xx? 

    Best regards,


  • Can you confirm that the TI-RTOS plugin is not available from the Project Options? 

    You may consider contacting IAR support for additional assistance with their software. 

    Given that IAR ROV support is being deprecated, I recommend that you use the CCS debugger for improved ROV access, please refer to the CCS Debug Guide.  The v6.30 SDK TI-RTOS7 SysConfig file would need to enable ROV modules, and you can refer to this Migration Guide.


  • Hello Ryan,

    I confirm that from EWARM 9.10, there is no more TI-TROS plugin available from the project options. 

    Good news is that I do succeed launching CCS version 10.4 to get the ROV view for a project compiled by IAR. 

    However, I do have the information in the "Task Detailed" view. But when I try to launch "Stack  Space" view for the stack usage chart, I have nothing inside. 

    When I have tried to understand the problem, I do a modification in the graph_stacks.js (C:\ti\ccs1040\ccs\eclipse\plugins\com.ti.rov_1.0.0.202105051009\webcontents\addons\graph_stacks\graph_stacks.js) line 209 with the code below:

    this.rovViewStatus('no task array', 'error');

    And in my "Stack  Space" view, I do see the error message like below.


    1. Could you help understanding why I have the "Task Detailed" information but not "Stack Space"? 

    2. How can I get access to "Heap Memory Map" view? shall I change something in the sysconfig?

    Best regards,


  • 1. I'm not certain about the Stack Space and whether it's supported by SYS/BIOS7, that question may be better for the Code Composer Studio forum.

    2. Heap Manager is explained in the BLE5-Stack Debugging Guide.