CC8520: How does CC8520 reduce noise

Part Number: CC8520

Based on MCU, how to design software noise reduction of CC8520 and AIC3204

  • Hi,

    Could you specify what kind of noise you are trying to reduce and on which device you would like to implement the noise reduction algorithms? It may be helpful to provide some sort of block diagrams explaining the design of your system.

    Makes sure to fully leverage the capabilities of the CC8520 (see user's guide) and AIC3204.

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  • I would like to know how to filter out some chaotic signals generated in the acquisition process by configuring the software, or running some filtering algorithms on CC8520 to eliminate these useless signals,like figure 1. Can this idea be realized? If so, how to configure it?

    If I can't do the software filtering algorithm on CC8520, can I use an external MCU to implement the filtering algorithm and then transmit the filtered data through CC8520?like figure 2.

    figure 1

    figure 2

  • Hi, 

    CC8520 can only run the code generated by Pure Path Wireless Studio. So make sure to leverage all its possibilities.

    If you need to implement more filtering capability, you will have to go a solution implemented on an other MCU - as you shown on figure 2. We do not provide support in the implementation of these algorithms.

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