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Problem of zstack with newer version of IAR compiler

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Everything works well until I upgrade my IAR embedded workbench from version 7.50 to 7.51.

For a fresh new SimpleApp, after rebuild all, I got the following error msg:


Fatal Errro[e163]: The command line symbol "_EXTENDED_STACK_END" in


Error while running Linker


Did anybody experience this?

  • Hi fores....,

    Yes, I experienced the exact same problem as you describe when upgrading to 7.51A. I reinstalled 7.50 to get up and running again. Did you find a better solution?


  • No...

    The problem I have is that I can not go back to 7.50 coz I don't have a licence for IAR. I use the trial version. IAR only gives trial licenses for 7.51A.


  • I just looked in my .map file (generated by 7.50A). In it i find this:

               _EXTENDED_STACK_SIZE    00000000
               _EXTENDED_STACK_END     00000000
               _EXTENDED_STACK_START   00000000

    So maybe you could try to define the missing defines in f8w2430.xcl and see if it works? Please let me know if it does - so that I can go back to 7.51A too.

  • And some more from the .map file:

    #                            "C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench  #
    #                            5.0\8051\LIB\CLIB\cl-pli-blxd-1e16x01.r51"        #
    #                            -D_IDATA_STACK_SIZE=0xC0                          #
    #                            -D_EXTENDED_STACK_START=0x00                      #
    #                            -D_EXTENDED_STACK_END=0x00                        #
    #                            -D_EXTENDED_STACK_SIZE=0x00                       #
    #                            -D_PDATA_STACK_SIZE=0x80                          #
    #                            -D_XDATA_STACK_SIZE=0x300                         #
    #                            -D_XDATA_HEAP_SIZE=0x00 -D_FAR_HEAP_SIZE=0x000    #
    #                            -D_HUGE_HEAP_SIZE=0x000                           #

    I guess the -D_EXTENDED_STACK_xxx lines would be good in the .cfg file


  • Hi, are you using 1.4.3 and CC2430? The only supported compiler is 7.30B. After that, all bets are off! The newer version
    is not compatible with the older linker file.

  • Thanks.

    I think the only choice is to pay for a full version license so as to download 7.30B. We are not even able to download a trial version of 7.30B.

  • Hi, the -D_EXTENDED_STACK_END=0x00 inserted in the cfg file solves that problem, BUT: Next problem is something about some "?BRET_30" etc. references from TI's libs which need to be resolved or redirected. Seems like TI needs to recompile their libs with 7.51 to make it work.

    Although TI only supports 7.30, 7.50 appears to work fine. I've used it for a long time.

  • Yes. 7.50 works perfect.

    But I don't think Ti will recompile their work. I am not fimiliar with IAR EW. So the only way for me to get a full license.

  • Please try to contact IAR support to obtain a trial version of 7.30B. What is their response?

  • Hi All,

    Try this:

    Debugger\Device description file: Override default YES, $TOOLKIT_DIR$\config\devices\Texas Instruments\CC2430.ddf
    General options/Target/Device: C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embeded Workbench 5.3 Evaluation version\8051\config\devices\Texas Instruments\CC2430.i51
    Linker\Link command file: Override default YES, c:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 5.3 Evaluation version\8051\config\lnk51ew_cc2430b.xcl
    Linker\Extra Options: add: -C $TOOLKIT_DIR$\LIB\clib\cl-pli-blxd-1e16x01.r51

    Paths of course can be slightly different, so please verify appropriate to your personal settings.

    Have a good day,



    PS. One more think: In file lnk51ew_cc2430b.xcl replace IXDATA_START with 0xE000.


  • How I compile:


  • Hi - I have been facing issue using IAR 7.51A/w32 with ZStack-CC2430-1.4.3-1.2.1.

    It built the SampleApplication with the above settings without any linker errors. But while download and debug, the cursor doesn't  point to the main  in zmain.c. I ensured the "run to" option in Debugger settings was set to main. The control never comes to main, hence the board doesn't boot properly.

    Have you faced this issue .... ?  please help to rectify this

    (the board used is CC2430DB)



  • Is in project options

    Project->Options..->Linker Output tab "Debug ingormation for C-CPY" slected?

    And test is in Debug options "Device descripton file" set to "$TOOLKIT_DIR$\config\devices\Texas Instruments\CC2430.ddf"


  • Yes. both the settings are correctly configured. 

    Path mentioned by you is set correctly for the .ddf  file with overrride default, checked.

    The  "Debug ingormation for C-CPY"  is selected by default. And under that the following are checked:

    With runtime control modules & with i/o emulation modules.

    Should this fix the issue ... ?   




  • It is one setting for debug information in Project->Options ->C/C++ Compiler Output -> Generate debug information.

    If is this option selected I have not any next susgestion - >pack you demo project and send to   me by mail on address " wojciech dot szyfelbein @"

    Remove spaces and dot change to "."


  • Hi,

    The following procedure will resolve the issue, and make the project work with version 7.51 of IAR Embedded Workbench:

    1. In the Project->Options->Linker->#define tab, add the following to the "Defined Symbols" dialog:


    2. Remove the file chipcon_banked_code_support.s51 from the project (it is located in the ZMain folder in the workspace view).

    3. Rebuild the project.


    The   _EXTENDED_STACK_END symbol is not acctually applicable to CC2xxx devices, and just need to be included to satisfy dependencies in the 1.4.3 version of Z-Stack, and the code in chipcon_banked_code_support.s51 is included in the run-time library in version 7.51.


    /Henrik - IAR Systems.

  • hello

    I have the same problem of you,please if you resolved this problem can you give me the            solution

    Thank you

  • Hello Henrik

    I trayed this solution but it can't resolve the problem there is another error when i trayed you solution

    Fatal Error[Cp001]: Copy protection check, Your time limited license has expired - You must register NOW to get the permanent key in order to continue 
    using this product!
     if you can help me

    thank you

  • Hi,

    Your license has expired. Register your product (Start->Programs->IAR Systems->IAR Systems License Activation) to resolve this.


  • Hello

    My licence number is 9612-395-808-7242

    My licence key is [removed by forum moderator]


    The problem is when I started to built a projet by IAR EW for 8051 version 7.51A I have this error Fatal Error[Cp001]: Copy protection check, Your time limited license has expired - You must register NOW to get the permanent key in order to continue using this product! Although my evaluation version expired at 03-07-2009 how to resolve this problem ?


  • this following problem is resolved now

  • I am working with CC2431EM with SRF04EB Evaluation Boards. I have developed some serial port applications since 4 Months. I am using the Zstack143121. Suddenly, one fine morning, the CC2431 EMs stopped receiving from serial port. Even for debugging also, they are not responding. I tested with all of my backups and also with Zstack original- SerialApp Application. but of no use. Please help me. Product is ready to launch.



  • Compiling Z-stack 1.4.3 location sample in IAR Workbench 7.60 , works like charm.