LAUNCHXL-CC1352P: Changing pan and source address

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1352P


I am just begining to investigate the cc1352 launchpad... I would like to send custom zigbee-like frames with a source address and a pan address chosen by m... instead of being assigned by the coordinator or the router.

I am modifying the zc_switch and the zed_switch. Here is my doubt I am using the zed (zigbee end device) code but the zed code responds with a beacon request... with no pan id nor source address... just the broadcast address (0xFFFF) .

I guess that the beacon request must always use the 0xFFFF and the source address 0xFFFF.

I suspect that the beacon request is needed in the zigbee network; a necessary handshake between the end_device, router and coordinator. However I would like to remove the handshake so the launchpad deliver only a frame... without a handshake. It is certainly possible... I am certain that it has been done it with the CC26XX.

Thank a lot.