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LM5056A: Current -reading

Part Number: LM5056A


   there is table1 in d/s, there is input voltage and current measurement , and average input current/voltage measurement , what difference between them? when we read out one hex value, how to convert it to real voltage/current value?

many thanks 

  • Hello Chen,

    The average input is explained on page 31 of the datasheet as shown below. The note explains that the default setting for the averaging is 0000 making the averaged values the same as the instantaneous values until this number is changed.  

    Page 35 of the datasheet explains how to read the values given to you, as shown below.  The conversion coefficients can be found on the following page (36), and more detail on writing data can be found on page 38. 

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    Mitch M, TI Applications Support