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4.1 Precision Labs: Power and Temperature

I had question about whether there is a small clerical error on the quiescent current. At Vs equal to the typical 30V, shouldn't the quiescent current also be 20mA for this typical calculation or was the point of the calculation to calculate the worst case scenario?

Thank you very much,

Steve Rausch

  • Hello Steven,

    Thank you for your question, and for watching our TI Precision Labs series!

    Our goal is to calculate the worst-case power dissipation for our given operating conditions. As it turns out, the the maximum quiescent current draw does not necessarily occur with the maximum power supply voltage, so the maximum Iq of 25mA always applies whether we are using the minimum or maximum power supply voltage. That being the case, the calculations are correct.

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    Ian Williams
    Applications Engineer - Precision Amplifiers