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LMX2430: LMX2430

Part Number: LMX2430

I'm seeing some failures with the LMX part.  I'm looking for support on over voltage protection inside the device for the command inputs Vi.  We are operating the device at or near the maximum voltage levels where the device has a VCC at 2.65V and the command line CLK and Data are at or over the maximum VCC+0.3V.  These line are current limited by a 4.99K resistor and I'm wonder what the internal protection looks like.

This analysis is time critical.

  • Jason,

    The microwire inputs have an ESD protection ring.  In other words, if the Vcc=2.65 V and the voltage on the CLK pin is 3 V, then at some point these diodes will be foreward biased and draw current.  Vcc+0.3 V is likely just about before the diode becomes forward biased.