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CDCE813-Q1: CDCE6002 vs. CDCE813-Q1 Jitter Cleaner performance

Part Number: CDCE813-Q1

Dear Sir,

I would like to use either CDCE62002 or CDCE813-Q1 for jitter cleaner PLL/VCO(VCX)  as a reference clock to the 2nd stage of RF PLL/VCO.

I could get a good phase noise simulation result with CDCE62002, around -140dBc/Hz for 10MHz input to 15MHz output at 100KHz offset. 

CDCE813-Q1 is very cost effective and would consider if it has small degradation than CDCE62002, but I could not simulate nor reference noise plot in d/s.

May I get your advice of CDCE813-Q1 noise performance at around the above frequencies?

Best regards,