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DP83869HM: Current specifications

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Part Number: DP83869HM


We are looking for the consumption data for the DP83869HM part in different configuration, like the document SNLA241 for the PHY DP83867E.

If no documentation is available, we are looking for the current specification for :

2 power Rails

RGMII to Copper (1G) (100m cable, 50% utilization)

RGMII to 1000Base-X (50% utilization)

Thank you

  • Hello Caroline,

    Unfortunately we do not a document similar to the DP83867. I do have typical values for the three supply configuration that we intend to publish in the next revision of the datasheet.

    I would estimate RGMII to Copper (1G) values to be slightly (~10-20 mW) higher than the DP83867.

    The RGMII to 1000BASE-X in three supply mode should be around 140-145 mW, so I would expect the two supply mode to be in the 170-180 mW range. We only validate typical values so your best bet might be measuring this yourself.

    All the estimations above are based on a 1.8 V VDDIO.