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Problems with MSP430F5438A USB BSL Firmware update

We are currently having an urgent issue with the bootstrap loader in the MSP430F5438A revision F. We want to be able to download a TI-TXT file and program our device using USB. The CP2102 USB to UART bridge is used to connect to the MSP430. When attempting to use the batch file that TI gives out as an example (the test scripts in slaa535a), we receive an error that says {ee} as shown in the screenshot below.

With the script:

DELAY 2000

After looking at the test and reset pins on a logic analyzer, it is clear that the start up sequence is not correct. It is almost as if the reset signal is inverted. Here is what it looks like:

But it should look like:

It appears that there are two other threads where people had the same problem, but they were not resolved.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong?
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  • That PC program assumes that the hardware would invert the Reset signal. The hardware interface you use probably did not invert the Reset signal. You need to modify either the PC software, or the interface hardware so that neither one inverts Reset or both invert the Reset (two wrongs make it right).

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    Thank you OCY, that did the trick. For anyone else who is having this problem, I downloaded the source code for BSL_Scripter.exe (you will need visual studio to import the project). In BSL_IO_UART.c, you can change signals sent to the reset pin in the function invokeBSL().