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TLV3401 Open Drain Truth Table?

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Hi all,

I have a question on the truth table for this comparator. If the Input + voltage is bigger than input -, then the output of the comparator is 1. However, since this is an open drain comparator, thus my question is, does this comparator internal n-mosfet will be turn '1' (or ON), which mean if my circuitry has an external pull up at the output pin, then it will be high VCC?

Is there someone that could provide me with a truth table?



  • Hello Handi,

    The TLV3401 open-drain collector is arranged such that the truth table is as expected; when the the non-inverting input is set to a higher voltage level than the inverting input the output attains the high level state. That means that the open-drain output MOSFET turns off and the pull-up resistor pulls the output to the positve supply high state level.

    I simulated the setup you describe with TINA-TI Spice and you can see the behavior. The inverting input is set up with +5 V (VS1) and the non-inverting input has +5 V, with a +/-20 mVpk square wave riding on (VS2 + VID). When the non-inverting input voltage is greater than +5 V the output goes to the high state.

    Regards, Thomas

    PA - Linear Applications Engineering