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INA114: Clipping/saturation at output

Part Number: INA114

I am using an INA114 in a Wheatstone Bridge circuit with a single +15VDC power source and I am observing (on the scope as well as in TINA) that the output waveform clips or saturates at approximately 2x the common-mode voltage from the bridge.

For example, when I input 200mVpk-pk sine wave (so VD/2 goes from 0 to +100mV; never goes negative) on top of VC=+4.900V, the output seems to clip/saturate around +9.8V.  (I have the gain set to 40 and the voltage reference is +2.0V, so the output waveform is supposed to be going from +2V to +10V.)  In TINA, when I change VC to +3.000V, it clips/saturates around +6.0V.

According to the datasheet, this shouldn't be happening.  When I have a +15V power supply, the output swing should go up to at least +13V, no?  (Note, I see no issues on the low part of the output signal near +2V... just the upper part of the waveform.)  Why does the output swing seem to track the common-mode voltage (almost exactly double VC)?

Sincerely, Matthew