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LM139AQML-SP: Regarding the footnote 3 on page 3 for the threshold of -0.3VDc @25°C

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Part Number: LM139AQML-SP

Hi team,

Our customer would like to get data about the variation for the threshold of -0.3VDc @25°C over temperature and ageing that is found in the footnotes 2 and 3 on page 3 of LM139AQML-SP datasheet.

Please let me know if you need more information from the customer.



  • Hello Jonathan,

    We do not have characterization data for this.  

    The -0.3V limit gives some headroom at room temperature.  In reality, the diode breakdown is closer to -0.7V at 25C but a small amount of leakage current will occur before reaching breakdown.   The breakdown is closer to -0.3V at 125C.