LMH5401: Maximum Input voltage to LMH5401

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Part Number: LMH5401

I am looking to use the LMH5401 in an environment that might, at times, include some rather large signals and I'm worried about damaging the LMH5401. In that regard I have the following questions

What is the maximum voltage the device can see on the input without damage?

Does that change if the shutdown pin is activated?

How long can the device handle a transient spike, and what is the transient voltage it can handle?

Any help would be much appreciated

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  • Input overdrive will of course have a built in current limit due to the input resistors, should that occur, one limit would be the amount of continuous or transient current the input protection diodes can handle. I more severe concern is if the transient finds a way through the ESD steering diodes and triggers the absorption device, that would suggest some IR limiting R on the supply lines as well with good decoupling at the pin. 

    Michael Steffes

  • Hello Ash,

    Note the input voltage & current abs max conditions on the datasheet:

    The device will still follow the same ratings during shutdown. 


    Hasan Babiker