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The built-in battery for BQ3287A.

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Hi team,

Could you tell me about the built-in battery for BQ3287A?
How much capacity and size does the built-in battery have?


  • Hello Kengo,

    BQ3287A was acquired by Texas Instruments as part of an acquisition of Benchmarq, and much of their product information is no longer available to us. BQ3287A is discontinued, and LTB period was several years ago. Consequently, the information we have on BQ3287A is very limited.

    The datasheet claims a lithium button cell is used, with a minimum capability of 10yrs data retention. This is the only information I can confirm.

    If the internal button cell conforms to IEC 60086-3, based on the size of the package, the battery could be as small as CR927 or as large as CR1225, for a total of somewhere between 35-70mAh. Note that this is an estimate only, and I apologize that we no longer have any information on the battery.


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments

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    Hi Derek,

    Thank you so much.
    I understood.