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CDCE62002: About REGISTER BIT27"RESERVED"(Read Only; May read back to 1 or 0; set '1' while writing)

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Part Number: CDCE62002

I have a question about chapter 9.6.2 "Device Registers: Register 1 Address 0x01" of the data sheet "CECE62002".

(refer to "https://www.tij.co.jp/jp/lit/ds/symlink/cdce62002.pdf?ts=1609911798619&".)

When we read the register value from CDCE62002, it seems that read value is different depending on the board or part in only bit27 in Device Registers: Register 1

We have eight boards with this parts.

We read the register on all boards.

The result was that one of them was "0", the others were "1" in bit27 in Device Registers: Register 1

Why is the read value of the bit different depending on the board?

  • Hello,

    Register 1 bit 27 is a reserved register. The register may read 0 or 1 and that is okay. When writing to the device please follow the recommendation on the datasheet and set this bit to 1. Reserved registers are in general registers that should not be tinkered with. Sometimes they are critical for the devices functionality and sometimes they are not.

    It is okay that the read value is different from board to board.