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LMX2694EPEVM: recommended oscillator to populated on

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Part Number: LMX2694EPEVM

at the moment im ussing the pll of the microcotroller to generate the 100MHz

i know that is not  a realiable reference, but it keeps things working

Could you please , also suggest a pad (close to Y1) to pull the 3,3 V 


  • Hi Giovanny,

    Any 7mmx5mm XO can fit the board. You can pick either a single-ended output or differential output XO. Table 4 of the EVM user's guide has the instruction how to populate the EVM to match the XO.

  • In reply to Noel Fung:

    Hi Fung,

    From Table 4:  the pads for R24 and C34 dot not exist  at all

    i guess there are some disvadvantages when populating a XO on the LMX2694EPEVM (thats why, TI did not release the product with XO on  ). Therefore, I think , that not any 7mmx5mm fullfil this job..

    Thanks for you reply

  • In reply to giovanny Mateus:

    Hi Giovanny,

    R24 and C34 are at the bottom side of the board.

    The lead time of a high performance XO is very long and the supply is sometime not stable, this is the reason why we are not putting a XO on the board.

  • In reply to Noel Fung:

    ok, i found them!

    thanks for your support

  • In reply to Noel Fung:

    Hi Noel,

    most of the commercial/affordable crystalls (50MHz) had 4 pads, not exactly 6 as in the Eval board.

    to be sure, before ordering a Crystal, i would like to have a layout (altium,...) of the board , in oder to review the pad dimension for soldering

    is it posible?

  • In reply to giovanny Mateus:

    hi Giovanny,

    you can use the LMX2594EVM design file, it has the same footprint XO..